Feb 15

Mahogany Spin Tips - Valentine Dance

Feb 17

Crossfire Squares - Honest Abe Dance

Feb 18

Lads 'n' Lassies - Valentine Dance

Feb 20

Pairs and Squares in  Macon

Feb 25

Dancin' Singles - Mexican Dance

Feb 26

MASDA (Ron Libby - National Caller/DeeDee Barge Rounds)


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(01/26) Photo Update -Luau Dance photos are now posted in the gallery.

Website Update -Contact update and corrections to other items.

New Info -Photos from the Fiesta Dance are now in the gallery.

New Info -Easter Bonnet Dance photos are now in the gallery.

New Info - Shamrock Dance photos are now in the gallery.

And has been swept up with the mobile phone trend.

Smartphones are increasingly used to orchestrate our daily lives across a range of activities – financial management is zero exclusion,. Our commitment to conditioning interests is certainly in our dna.

Eventually, simply no matter how flashy a technology is, if it won’t solve a problem for your members, it may not really be worthy of the investment. Make sure you know your member base well.

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Karen is concerned that her bond account has decreased in value rightfully.

In brief, they have market risk. 30, they had been having to pay 2. 39 percent.. But shouldn’t it arrive back again? After all, i explained that while bonds may fluctuate in value just, they mature at face value. That means any cutbacks showing on her statement between right now and after that are only temporary. Ol are they? They had been correct, as long as curiosity rates didn’t significantly rise, which they still haven’t. This will become the second period they’ve raised: the 1st was last calendar year. How? Because nothing ever stays the same, and at some true stage you need to make cash decisions. Some are easy.

A financial mechanic is just that – someone whose professional experience can help you reach your monetary goals. Prepare your records thoroughly-they consist of your business strategy, stability bed sheet, cash-flow statement, income declaration, personal economic claims, personal and business tax profits, and a description of the terms and mortgage quantity, including how it will end up being utilized, repaid and secured.

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The firm has what the researchers call a “fraud rate” of 19.

Find out what you can do to stay secure..

6 percent. In various other words and phrases, of oppenheimer’s 2,275 financial advisers, 19. 6 percent have been disciplined for misconduct. Treating the fiduciary rule may be easier said than completed. On february. Federal assess in texas upheld the fiduciary signal, and some specialists quickly forecasted it would end up being made by the decision tougher to significantly alter the rule.

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